Vaega faapitoa uma

One-key flipping
Air fry/pan 2-in-1

360°visible frying pot
Cooking at a glance

HD touch screen
Intuitive and easy to operate

3D hot air technology
Oil-free frying

8 major menus
One-click cooking

Thick borosilicate glass
Safe and uncoated

transparent window pot

360° transparent pot

Safe and observe frying process clearly

hot air technology

3D high-speed hot air technology

Oil-free eating lightly

HD touch screen

HD touch screen

Intuitive and easy to operate

air fry and pan fry

Falai ea / falai falai 2-in-1

Create cooking fun with new styles

8 seti lisi

8 different preset menus

Cooking various food

Turn Into Frying Pan In Second

Not just an air fryer, JIMMY AF3 helps you realize air frying and pan frying 2-in-1. Switch the frying pan mode with one click to fry steak, cook pasta, pancake, etc. You can achieve different cooking needs without purchasing an additional frying pan.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer pan fry air fry 2-in-1

Unlock A New Way Of Air Frying

JIMMY AF3 air fryer’s 8 cooking presets, fries, fish, shrimp...adjustable timer and temperature control, preheat, flip reminder and etc features help on cooking a variety of foods easily and perfectly. In addition, just flip it with one click, it can be turned into a frying pan,unlocking more delicious recipes.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer 8 cooking presets

All-around Visual Borosilicate Glass Window Pot

All-around visual glass window allows you to keep an eye on the deliciousness of the entire process. No need to repeatedly open the lid to confirm the cooking results. Compared with traditional baskets, there is no plastic odor and the food flavor is retained, making it safer and more secure.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer visual glass window pot

3D High-speed Hot Air Technology

360°high-speed circulating hot air, three-dimensional convection, so that the pot is evenly heated while baking out the fat of the food to lock in the juices and nutrients, retaining the crispy outside and tender inside, making the taste richer.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer 3D high-speed hot air technology

High Definition Touch Screen

Enjoy the convenience of one-touch operation with 8 preset modes on the HD display. Customise your recipes with intuitive digital controls, adjustable time and temperature. Don’t worry about messing up your food, the “Flip Alert” ensures that your food is evenly cooked and crispy.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer HD touch screen

JIMMY AF3 air fryer healthy and nutritious breakfast

Delicious Breakfast

Start a good day with JIMMY AF3. High borosilicate glass frying pot, easy to clean, safe and odorless. Mun is more at ease when using it.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer abundant meals

Healthy Lunch

Using JIMMY AF3, flipping with one touch and frying pot becomes a grill pan. Fried steak on top, grilled seasonal vegetables on bottom, get a healthy lunch in 10 minutes.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer a wide variety of delicacies

Happy Party

You can enjoy a variety of food, because JIMMY AF3 providing healthy and delicious options for your afternoon tea parties, ball game snacks and kid’s favorites. Just customize to your needs, chicken, chops, shrimp, fish, bacon, fries, cake, vegetables, bread, thaw, preheat, keep warm...

JIMMY AF3 air fryer remove oil fliter rack

Removable Oil Filter Rack

The JIMMY air fry AF3 comes with a removable skeletonized oil filter rack that filters most of the grease, making the food less greasy and healthier, reduce the risk of obesity.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer 4L square-round  desigh

4L Square-round Design

Compared with the traditional round frying pot, the space design is more reasonable and can put more food.

JIMMY AF3 air fryer details

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Product-related Information

JIMMY AF3 air fryer 220V-240V

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